Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis October 2023 update shows additional content, SPRIGGAN collab, and more

Phantasy Star Online 2

SEGA rolled out its latest update for Phantasy Star Online 2 with the New Genesis October update, announcing many changes to its flagship JRPG. From additional stories to new features and to an exciting collaboration with a popular anime science fiction franchise, PSO2 comes packed with fresh content.

First to make the list is Part 3 of the sixth Main Story Chapter, which will arrive on October 11, 2023. The new story will focus on Aina’s role as a training instructor for new ARKS recruits. Going into the story will subsequently unlock a new costume for her. Retem’s Exploration Sectors, meanwhile, see new enemies, including Dread Enemies, Gigantix, and other Starless enemies.

As October 11 arrives, the game will also be seeing an increase to the class level cap to 80. This update coincides with new Class Skills. For those looking to try a different look to the game, there is also a new set of Different Cel Shading Settings for each character. Furthermore, Duel Quests would be slightly easier this time around. Lastly, the visual glitch involving the lock-on marker is already fixed.

Another exciting thing to come to Phantasy Star Online 2 is the crossover with the anime franchise, SPRIGGAN. Through this limited collaboration, players will get to receive login bonuses involving life-size cutouts for their Creative Spaces. Players can also dress up as either Jean Jacquemonde or Yu Ominae, too, via the new AC Scratch Ticket: Spriggan Style. Apart from the costumes, there are also Weapons Camos in it, as well.

For additional costumes to wear, there is also the new Street Beat AC Scratch Ticket, which brings street-dancing fashion into the game.

Halloween is here

Halloween will also be coming early for PSO2 with a plan to launch an event based on it on October 18. The occasion will be extensively felt throughout the game, as signs of the spookfest become apparent in both Central City and Retem City. New weapons, Weapon Camos, and other rare items will be taking part in this annual event, such as the 8-star Brawnaga weapon series.

The Halloween event will also see a heightened presentation on October 25, 2023, with the Monster Masquerade ’23. This is when all kinds of spooks will become even more prevailing throughout the game.

While October is certainly exciting, Sega is extending the excitement for November with new limited-time partnerships. Namely, with Frame Arms’ Frame Arms Girl, based on the same original plastic model series made by Kotobukiya. Through this collaboration, PSO2 will see CAST Parts, new accessories, suits, and more.

Lastly, from October 11 to November 21, Phantasy Star Remix will become somewhat of a highlight as it showcases remixes of songs from PSO2. Players who log in during this period will get to receive a music disc and a poster illustration.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is available on multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 4.