Playstation New Year’s Sale Is Underway

2024 is coming out swinging with great releases this month. From Tekken 8 to the upgraded The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, triple-A to indie, there’s no shortage of new games available. However, a lot of us just don’t have the leftover capital from the holidays. But you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to try a game that’s new to you. And PlayStation is willing to oblige.

The New Year’s Sale has just begun and it’s looking pretty good. There’s a good array of titles at hand this month. A lot of great triple-A titles are available for less than 20 dollars, like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil: Village, Cult of the Lamb, the Batman Arkham Collection, and a decent amount of Call of Duty titles. Most games are up for 75% off, so it may be worth looking through the choices at hand. I know I’m glad I did after grabbing The King of Fighters XIV for just 5 bucks. So give it a look, you may be able to get a game you’ve been wanting too!

The New Year’s Eve sale will last until February 1st.

See the full list of games here.