Tekken 8 Features and Live-Action Trailers Out Now

It’s a stacked month for triple-A games, and the updates keep on coming. Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8 is coming out in just over a week, and they’re showing off as much as they can.

Today, they treated us with a trailer of Tekken 8’s updated features. With this being the first Tekken on this generation of consoles, there are a lot of new features to discuss. Aside from the graphical improvements, the trailer boasts speedy loading times, 3D audio compatibility, and a 4K, 60 fps resolution. But for me, that’s not the trailer’s focus, as most of these were a given. This trailer further showcases the updated characters and a few new stages, my favorite being the new desert locale with Dali-esque dead trees and chains winding in the background. Get a look at the upgrades that Tekken 8 is bringing to the table here!:

On a similar note, their live-action trailer was released today as well. In a move similar to Mortal Kombat, it features crowds of people rushing to face off outside of a MMA fight. Hundreds of people abandon their daily activities to prepare for the next battle, including pros like Gen1us and Arslan Ash. The trailer ends with more characters and stages being showcased. Namco has me hoping to play this new entry in one of my favorite franchises. You can hop on the hype train for Tekken 8 and view the live trailer here!: