Rabbit & Bear Studios Confirm Planned Sequel For Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Well, now this is one piece of amazing news. In a recent AMA (Ask me Anything) Reddit post by user u/VashxShanks, the developers at Rabbit & Bear Studio received several questions regarding the future of the studio, as well as if there are any plans of a sequel title, despite the sad news of Yoshitaka Murayama’s passing.

When approached about plans for a potential sequel, the studio said the following:

Absolutely! We are moving forward with a sequel. It is very sad that [Yoshitaka] Murayama is not with us anymore, but we have discussed many things with him. I hope we will be able to carry on Murayama’s legacy, and I always want to treasure his last work. I hope many people will support this game.

Rabbit & Bear Studio

Eiyuden Chronicle is a turn-based RPG and spiritual successor to classic franchise Suikoden. The game’s developers include multiple key figures who had previously worked on the series, such as the recently departed Yoshitaka Murayama.

Eiyuden Chronicle promises over a hundred recruitable characters and an epic war story. It all takes place in the continent of Allraan, home to very diverse nations and cultures. As two boys from different lineages become friends, they soon see themselves in opposite sides of a war. Now they must examine the justice and values they hold dear.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will be releasing on PlayStation 5 on April 23, 2024.