Racing RPG RESISTOR Gets New Introduction Trailer

Developer Long Way Home has shared a new trailer for RESISTOR, their upcoming racing RPG. The video showcases the character creator and a few gameplay bits with developer narration.

RESISTOR is a mix of racing game, RPG, and open-world experience with narrative elements as the centerpiece. The title follows the child of Eugene Aster, a legendary racer who died in an accident.

After the traumatic event, the protagonist and their mother move away from the corporate city you used to live in. Though you swore never to pilot a car again, you end up taking the wheel again to give a better life condition for your sick mother.

In the video, we can see the customization options allow players to modify the main character’s body and face. It also presents some story elements and other gameplay systems for the racing battles and on-foot exploration.

A small quest for a trio of kids challenging the player to do a cork screw is also shown. The game also teases that player choices may have bigger consequences to the narrative than it may seem at first.

Check out the new trailer:

RESISTOR is coming to PS5 but a release window has yet to be provided. However, developer Long Way Home and publisher PQube Games mention they expect it to be available “soon”.