Rocket League gets both Halloween, Christmas early with Haunted Hallows event

Rocket League

Both the Halloween and the Christmas (sort of) festivities may have arrived early for Rocket League, as the Haunted Hallows event officially kickstarted on PlayStation 4. It follows the rollout of patch 2.33, which paved the way for the special events.

Embodying the themes of both Halloween and Christmas, Rocket League is celebrating both occasions early as Jack Skellington and friends of The Nightmare Before Christmas make their way into the car-centric soccer game.

Bringing elements of spooks for Halloween, there will be a couple of limited-time game modes and themed bundles. Aesthetics unique to the event will become commonplace as players begin showcasing cool, yet gritty, car designs.

Making Halloween extra memorable would be the Spooky Cube, a literal square-shaped pumpkin that players play around with instead of the usual ball. Beware, however, as this ghastly gourd is unnaturally fast.

Those who have been looking forward to the return of the Haunted Heatseeker will not be disappointed as it does make a comeback in this year’s event.

There are certainly plenty of new bundles to pick up during the Haunted Hallows event. But it would be amiss for anyone to miss out on the Jack Skellington bundle, which comes with its custom decal, a set of Spiral Hill wheels, a Zero topper, and the “This is Halloween” player anthem.