Saga Emerald Beyond Gets Bonnie and Formina Trailer

Square Enix has shared a new trailer for SaGa Emerald Beyond. It presents Bonnie and Formina, a duo who share the protagonist role among five options.

SaGa Emerald Beyond is the newest title in Square Enix’s SaGa franchise. The RPG series started back in 1989 and has received multiple releases since then.

In the new one, players must investigate the vast Junction composed of 17 unique worlds. Distinct landscapes and cultures await in this uniquely open turn-based JRPG. Depending on the player actions, they may find different story beats.

Among the five choices of protagonist, the duo Bonnie and Formina are police recruits. Their mission revolves around investigating a plan to assassinate the President of Capitol City.

However, things may not be so simple, as a key individual hints at the president being a traitor. With doubts about the integrity of this major political figure, they must now search for clues of what’s really happening.

Check out the new trailer:

SaGa Emerald Beyond comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on April 25, 2024.