Sea Of Thieves Could Be Coming To Rival Consoles

Sea of Thieves

Following up on an earlier leak that suggests that Sea of Thieves could be seeing a release on non-Xbox consoles, a few more industry sources are corroborating the claim.

The Nate the Hate podcast made a stunning revelation last week when it first opened the topic that a first-party title from Microsoft is finally making its way to rival platforms. Said title is described as among the company’s “more acclaimed” games and could be making a launch this year.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, in response, put a name to the claim by suggesting that Rare’s Sea of Thieves might be the game in question, which would be seeing a release on both Sony and Nintendo platforms.

Sea of Thieves, I’ll say I’ve heard that that was one that might be coming to other platforms. When I first started hearing these rumours, I was like, this is probably about Sea of Thieves, because I’ve heard that could come to Switch and PlayStation.

Former Kotaku Editor and now a reporter for Axios, Stephen Totilo, via Game File, also said having been told by a source that Microsoft is indeed in consideration of releasing Sea of Thieves on PlayStation. The date of which, it continues, could be as early as 2024.

Originally released in March 2018 for both PC and Xbox One, Sea of Thieves was Microsoft’s first exclusive title on Xbox Game Pass, coinciding with the game’s retail release. An enhanced version of the game was subsequently launched in November 2020 on next-gen platforms, Xbox Series X|S.

Meanwhile, people on social media are speculating that the game in question might be Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush.