Solid Snake Sneaks His Way Into Fortnite Via V28.10 Update

Fortnite Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid’s main protagonist Solid Snake has made his way into the chaotic world of Fortnite, going alongside the rollout of the game’s most recent update.

Players with battle pass subscriptions will be automatically rewarded with the Solid Snake skin as soon as they have completed the character’s quest. But players will not be unlocking the stealthy soldier as himself alone. Equipped with all his iconic gear, the EMP Stealth Camo and Cardboard Boxes, players will be able to play as the heroic figure the way they knew him how—sneaky and evasive.

Keeping it sneaky

Using the EMP Stealth Camo, Solid Snake can temporarily go invisible, though at the expense of not being able to attack while hidden. Players, however, can always opt to disable their camouflage at any time, if attacking becomes the more compelling option than staying out of sight.

Choosing to disable the EMP Stealth Camo at any time can also be tactical for its EMP effect, which causes the shields of nearby enemies to break while also disabling nearby vehicles. It is worth noting that this ability can either be acquired by foraging EMP Stealth Camo from the ground or Chests, or coming from Solid Snake himself when he has the bar.

Becoming invisible does not always mean having to resort to high-tech means, like the aforementioned. Solid Snake can also do so primitively by hiding in an empty cardboard box. Fortunately for the players, the field is littered with empty citrus boxes that can facilitate just that. Better yet, players can do so while being mobile in the process.

Solid Snake at his prime may seem to be the most engaging way to play as the character in Fortnite. But players can also opt for the Old Snake style look, as seen in MGS4, which can be unlocked by simply completing the Page 2 Quests. The Quests will remain open until March 8, 2024, at 2 AM ET.