Street Fighter 6 Halloween-themed event now on PS4, PS5

Street Fighter 6 Halloween

Halloween arrives early on Street Fighter 6 as the popular Capcom fighting game gets the spooky elements rolling with the Spooky Party Fighting Pass, the company announced.

As is tradition, the Halloween-themed event will feature iconic sights that border around the familiar and weird. But the main highlight of the event is certainly the ability to customize avatars to suit the occasion.

Capcom is not just handing out the costumes on a silver platter, however. Players will, at least, have to work their way to get them, such as the unique and cute cat costume.

A brief video showcases what the once-a-year event entails this year for Street Fighter 6, which comes with a unique, poem-like description (similar to the X post):

A cat, a zombie, a clown, or a toy,
Dress your avatar up in this outfit for joy,
The Spooky Party Fighting Pass begins tonight,
Get cosmetic items to deepen the fright.

In addition to outfits that players can choose to wear with their avatar, there are also a variety of Halloween items that players can claim during the event. Specifically, photo frames, five stickers, three title backgrounds, a device wallpaper, and a Jiangshi (Chinese vampire) emote.

Street Fighter 6 is playable on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and other platforms.