Sword Of the Necromancer Is Getting a Remake

Sword of the Necromancer Resurrection

The 2021 action game by Grimorio of Games, Sword of the Necromancer, is getting a remake and will be called Sword of the Necromancer: Resurrection, the developer announced (thanks, Gematsu).

The past several years have seen plenty of remakes, making the idea of another remake in 2024 hardly surprising. But Sword of the Necromancer: Resurrection quite is, for the time gap between it and the original.

Aside from the remake itself, another title based on the franchise is also in the works. Also, an action-role-playing game, Sword of the Necromancer: Revenant is being developed alongside Resurrection. The latter, however, is expected to be released earlier than the former this year.

Players who choose to complete Resurrection will have the perk of unlocking special content when choosing to extend their experience to Revenant. For instance, players will be able to summon bosses seen in Resurrection to be used as an ally in combat in Revenant.

While, as a remake, Resurrection will see itself transform into 3D, the game will retain the original’s rogue-like and dungeon-crawling design. For fans who found the seminal title to be monotonous and repetitive, the remake is seeking to address that issue by adding a layer of dynamics to the game. In particular, with the addition of AI companions and combos.

In terms of scope of content, Resurrection is reportedly bigger than Revenant. Particularly with its larger dungeons that are subdivided into “several zones,” each with a boss waiting at the end.

Making the remake a more engaging title than ever, the developers are also adding story sequences to the game, with an option to choose between English or Japanese dubbing. The game can also be played with another person, too, with the addition of a co-op feature.