Synduality: Echo Of Ada Shares Magus and CRADLECOFFIN Customization Trailer

Bandai Namco Japan has shared a new trailer for Synduality Echo of Ada. The video showcases the customization options for the Magus (partner character) and CRADLECOFFIN (mech).

The game is a third-person shooter developed by Game Studio. It is part of a multimedia franchise that includes the anime Synduality: Noir.

Synduality Echo of Ada aims to explore the close partnership between humans and AI. As a Drifter, you’re assigned a humanoid individual called Magus. You can customize their appearance to better suit your preferences with four body styles as bases.

The video highlights detailed body customization options from colors to sliders for rearranging facial and body structures. Costumes are another element the player can use to further alter them.

The player and their partner will have to explore areas and collect rare crystals. For this mission, they’ll count on the help of the robots known as CRADLECOFFIN. They’re also customizable and the video explores that a little.

Check out the new trailer:

Bandai Namco has yet to announce a release date for the game, although they have already announced its western release.