Synduality Echo of Ada story trailer takes a look at the “Old Amasia”

Synduality Echo of Ada trailer snapshot

A new trailer was dropped for the Bandai Namco and Game Studio collaborative project Synduality Echo of Ada, showcasing the prominent figures of the game. The video also shows the area’s environment setting as well as gameplay.

While in Japanese, the video titled “Old Amasia Investigation Trailer” breezes viewers to a series of the game’s cinematic scenes and dialog. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, however, published a supplemental post that mentions “two suspects in the fall of Amasia” in addition to other details.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world in 2222, a poisonous rain from the event called The Tears of the New Moon brought the decimation of the majority of people. Malevolent creatures known as Enders were also born from the event, causing further fatalities to those who survived the toxic rain. Thus, forcing the survivors to go underground and establish havens called Amasia.

With the help of an AI named Magnus, players will take on the role of a Drifter while piloting an armed vehicle called Cradle Coffin. Ensuring the player’s survival, you and your AI partner gather resources, including the rare AO crystals, scattered throughout the game’s world.

As an action-oriented game, players will spend most of the time with the game riding and fighting Enders on their mechs. However, the developers are making the experience more exciting by giving players the ability to customize their fighting machines. From mere cosmetics to functional upgrades, players are at their full disposal on how their Cradle Coffin would look and feel during combat.

Delayed to an undisclosed release date, Synduality Echo of Ada will be released on the PlayStation 5 and other platforms.