Tekken 8 Free Demo Now Available on PS5; New Story Trailer

Bandai Namco has recently published a brand-new story trailer for the upcoming Tekken 8 game. The new story trailer showcases what happened to the world after Heihachi’s defeat.

In Tekken 8’s story, the world has gone into chaos with Kazuya wreaking havoc with his G Corporation. Jin Kazama, his son, and wielder of the Devil Gene is the only one that can stop him. With the power of the PlayStation 5, the game offers a visually stunning experience along with a vision promoting aggressiveness and spectacular battle action.

In addition, a free demo version is now available for PlayStation 5, and lets players get their hands on several modes ahead of the game launch, such as the first chapter of the main story, the first chapter of the Arcade Quest, a Versus Mode with Jin, Kazuya, Paul and Nina as playable characters and finally, a Gallery with cutscenes from the Tekken games across the series.

You can view the new story trailer below: