Tekken 8 Receives First Patch; Balance and Mechanics Improved

Having just released mere weeks ago, Tekken 8 is already seeing its first patch. After an extensive maintenance period, the patch notes are here, and they’re extensive. Numerous characters received nerfs, including Dragunov, Yoshimitsu, Reina, and Devil Jin, among others. Some characters also received buffs regarding their interactions. There were also some fixes applied to the Balcony Break and Special Style mechanics. Thanks to these changes, replays prior to the patch will be unavailable, as their rendered in real time like a normal match.

This doesn’t seem to have impacted players’ Ghosts, or the Ghost Battles at all. However, the character changes will have some impact on the Super Ghost Battles mode, the extent of which has yet to be explored. You can read the extensive notes below, or visit their site to learn more.