Tekken 8 Reveals Steve Fox in New Trailer

Bandai Namco has shared a new trailer for Tekken 8. The video showcases Steve Fox, a playable character first introduced in Tekken 4.

Tekken 8 is the latest title in the popular fighting franchise. The new game promises 32 characters, high quality graphics and a new story chapter exploring the tragic history of the Mishima and Kazama lineages.

The new trailer showcases some of Steve Fox’s moves. He’s a boxer who managed to win the middleweight championship at the age of 21.

On the official website, he’s described as follows:

Steve Fox is a middleweight boxing world champion whose ingenious technique and pace control in the ring have charmed countless audiences. Raised in a facility owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu, Steve went on a search for his real parents the moment he learned he was just a test subject.

He encounters Nina Williams by chance and learns that he was made from her genetic material. Although they are mother and son by blood, Nina has never acknowledged Steve as her own. To Steve, knowing his roots was everything. Nina, on the other hand, believed such knowledge to be a mere inconvenience.
The bell rings, wrapping up Steve’s fight with his past. With his driving force in life gone, Steve becomes a husk of his former self.

His training buddies Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law sense his desperation and come to his rescue.
“If you have time to look so down, then you have time for a tournament! If any of us ends up on top, let’s split the prize money evenly!” As he forces out a fake laugh at his friends’ ridiculous words, Steve remembers that his fists hold the power to carve out a new future for him.

Although grateful to his friends, Steve turns down their offer to train in the mountains like fighters of old and instead begins his own search for a brand-new fighting style.

The bell for round two has just rung.

Check out the new trailer:

Back in November 13, Bandai Namco had also shared a trailer to show the new character Reina as part of their character reveal videos that started back in February with Nina Williams.