Tekken 8’s Super Ghost Mode lets you fight AI based on real player data

Tekken 8

Ever wished you were playing against someone in Tekken 8 but did not necessarily have the opportunity to do so? Think of some of the best Tekken pro players to size them up by matching with your skills in actual combat. With the game’s Super Ghost Mode, you could through AI that uses data based on other people’s play behavior.

As previously mentioned during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) presentation last month, Tekken 8 will be showcasing Super Ghost Mode as part of the game’s upcoming closed beta test on October 20, 2023.

In theory and practice, the new feature would essentially be mimicking a player based on existing data. This is akin to actually playing with that player as the behavior would be identical in many ways to the real individual.

It is a neat feature that virtually brings the best fighters in the game closer to anybody who plays the game. Are you not convinced about Arshlan Ash or Knee’s award-winning fighting prowess? Why not prove your claim by beating them yourself in a session of Super Ghost Mode, or die trying?

Demonstrating the power of the Super Ghost Mode, a player named Mishimastar was demonstrating a combat session against an opponent that plays exactly like himself. Certainly an interesting feature, it would hardly be surprising for it to become a mainstay with the franchise moving forward.