Tekken Releases “Story So Far” Recap Video Featuring Brian Cox

Bandai Namco released a video to their YouTube channel today titled “The Story So Far” featuring Brian Cox. The hype train is building up as Tekken 8 releases in 10 days. The promo is in full swing, and the momentum is impalpable. In doing something I never thought possible, the story up to this point is appropriately, entertainingly, AND cohesively retold. If you told me you could sum up the entirety of the decades-long series, I would have thought you were insane. But Bandai Namco pulled it off.

Brian Cox’s theatrical voice and Shakespearean cadence make the retelling of the story feel like a mockumentary. He breaks down the relationship and rifts between the Mishima and Jin Kazama throughout the series up to this point, accompanied by scenes from each title. For long-time fans of Tekken, it’s like a big dose of nostalgia before the next generation begins. And for newer fans of the games that have yet to learn the story, it’s a great way to see what led to this point. As for fans of the award-winning actor and Tekken, it’s a dream come true.

Watch the “Story So Far” video here!

For a more in depth look on what to expect, read our Tekken 8 demo review and more coverage here! Tekken 8 releases January 26th.