Alan Wake Joins Dead By Daylight As a New Survivor on January 30

Alan Wake Dead by Daylight

Alan Wake, the titular protagonist from the franchise of the same name, is entering The Fog on January 30, adding to Dead by Daylight’s roster of Survivors.

Described as a “tortured writer” by Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director Sam Lake, via the news from the official website, Alan Wake’s entry into The Fog is said to be “a match made in the Dark Place”—referring to the protagonist’s harrowing experience in his own game as it ties in with The Fog.

Set in the premise of living the horror of a fictitious story he once wrote, Alan Wake is once again thrust into a world of scare as he finds himself in a new dark place as he fights tooth and nail to escape the Dark Place.

As I searched for a way out, memories of a script I wrote for Night Springs about a fog-engulfed place flooded back. Surrounded by the same fog, I became a pawn—trapped. I must find a way out. Rewriting that script is key.

As is true with the original character, Alan Wake in Dead by Daylight embodies the image of Ilkka Villi while brought to life by the voice of Mattew Porretta.

Speaking from a blog on the Alan Wake official website, Behaviour Interactive Head of Partnerships Mathieu Coté said that the creative team behind Dead by Daylight has been influenced by Alan Wake since its release in 2010. Likely, referencing the use of a flashlight, which has been core to the game’s mechanics.

“Our games already feel connected in many ways. To finally see Alan come to the Fog as a Survivor feels like a full-circle moment,” he added.

In addition, Dead of Daylight will also be launching a limited-time game mode called “Lights Out”. It’s a modifier that sees players playing the game with several key tools removed.