Could GTA V’s Michael Trevor be making a comeback in GTA VI?

GTA VI Michael Trevor

Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto V through and through may have probably seen the game’s multiple endings. While which of these endings is canon still hangs in the air, one end shows a likely possibility of these characters seeing a happy ending. But could this one of a few possibilities also imply the chance of any of the trio, if not all three of them, making a return to Grand Theft Auto VI?

Indeed, the franchise is not known for returning figures. But just earlier this year we’ve been shown that figures from previous GTA installments can make a reappearance. Take, for example, GTA IV: Ballad of Tony Gay’s Amir Yusuf’s recent debut in GTA Online. This was even preceded by the ghostly manifestation of GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned’s Johnny Klebbitz as part of Rockstar’s Halloween event in-game.

The possibility of a GTA V character making a comeback may not be too far off for a likelihood. However, will it be in GTA VI?

From the horse’s mouth

During a show in Larry Lawton on YouTube, Michael Trevor’s voice actor Ned Luke was invited for an interview. His appearance kicked off with a shocking start when Larry himself introduced the individual as the “Michael from Grand Theft Auto V and…,” adding more to the interest, “Grand Theft Auto VI”.

Now, this could just be Larry hyping the audience by taking the exaggerated route. Yet, the answer is perhaps more evidenced with Luke who seems extremely surprised with the announcement and the statement that implies that “GTA 6 is unknown things right now”.

Later into the interview, following queries over his possible involvement in the development of GTA VI, Luke said he’s not even sure if he’s making a return in the latest installment in the franchise. That is, highlighting the reality that no GTA protagonist ever made a comeback in the franchise in its history.

Although that is true, it could also be that Ned Luke is simply not allowed to speak about it. Specifically, because he is still under the legal obligation of the NDA. At this point, nobody outside of Rockstar knows for sure. But the chance of it is certainly exciting.