GTA Online: The Chop Shop—Yusuf Amir, Salvage Yard, Robberies, and more

GTA Online The Chop Shop

The GTA Online: The Chop Shop update is finally here, which brings the worlds of Liberty City and Los Santos into one, with familiar faces seen in GTA IV making their debut and some unique features added to the mix.

Players who have previously played GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony would be familiar with Yusuf Amir. He is back as a main character in The Chop Shop, with a new venture in sight—stealing Los Santos’ most coveted cars through robberies.

Center of operations

The centerpiece of Yusuf’s illicit scheme is the Salvage Yard, which serves as the player’s area of operations. It is low-key enough to not gather the authorities’ suspicions but comes equipped with everything the players need for a successful robbery. One good thing about this type of place is that you get to own it.

There are a total of five Salvage Yards throughout the game, ranging from the remote Paleo Bay to the more central location of Strawberry. Each yard can also be upgraded, such as the Trade Rates, which give the player discounts when requesting destroyed vehicles from Mutual Mors or having your damaged cars repaired in a custom shop. Another worthwhile upgrade is the Tow Truck, which lets players tow delinquent vehicles to the Salvage Yard for auto parts.

For a successful heist

Alongside Amir is also his cousin Jamal, accessible via the Salvage Yard’s Planning Wall, who will help in ensuring a successful heist. The key, however, is thorough planning, which entails gathering intel and finishing Preps as well as Freemode Tasks. Do note that these robberies do not just happen on the street but are meticulous missions that often require just as much cunning as brute force to fulfill.

For money or parts

Any successful car theft is profitable in one of two ways—salvage them for parts or sell them directly for a lump sum to Yusuf. Opting for the latter requires the player to have the stolen car dropped off by the docks to be shipped via a cargo container to Yusuf.

For console users, The Chop Shop also comes with a slew of features that could keep the players’ interest—Daily Challenges, Pause Menu Awards, and Career Progress.