Grand Theft Auto Online gets wildlife photography on console

Grand Theft Auto Online wildlife

Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update is bringing the wildlife to Southern San Andreas, exclusively on console platforms.

The creatures of the wild have always been a part of the single-player experience in Grand Theft Auto V. But this feature has had a notable absence in the online version for a long while—that is, until only now.

As of the recent update—and the GTAO’s first in 2024—players on the console will now be able to see animals, both domesticated and wild, roaming about the southern portion of San Andreas. Apart from adding more life into the region, however, there is also a purposeful reason for the wildlife’s inclusion—taking pictures of them daily grants rewards.

Animal images for rewards

Per Rockstar’s blog, players will now be able to take photos of different animals per day in fulfillment of the Daily Collectible challenge. In addition to that, players are entitled to a chance to purchase a Declasse Park Ranger on their first photograph and for a Trade Price in exchange for 10 animal photographs.

Finding the target animals of the day is also a fairly easy pursuit, which is as simple as checking out Blaine County’s LS Tourist Board or sending them an email via the Pause Menu Map.

Do note that not all animals behave alike, even in Grand Theft Auto Online. While domesticated animals are docile and easily found across the city and the suburbs, wild animals are a different type of beast altogether. Not only are these creatures potentially hostile and deadly, but they can be elusive as well. The key is simply to keep a safe distance when having a wild animal as a target.

Get high and be different

Part also of the latest update is the return of peyote plants, which can be foraged from the ground. But this is no simple plant as eating it gives off a rather surprising effect. A fair warning—only use them in-game if you feel like experimenting with a new experience.