Warner Bros. to compensate MK1 Halloween Fatality buyers with two free Fatalities

Mortal Kombat 1 Thanksgiving Fatality

Following backlash over Warner Bros.’s decision to charge real money for a Halloween-themed Fatality in Mortal Kombat 1, the game company is offering anyone who bought the offering two new Fatalities free of charge (via IGN). The freebies will serve as compensation for the earlier monetization scheme and will involve Fatalities from the Thanksgiving and Winter seasons.

While said Fatalities are not officially released yet, it did not stop an individual from gathering footage of the Fatality in action from the game itself via datamining. X/Twitter user “thetiny” shared on the platform the Thanksgiving Fatality, which, to some accounts, might be the grossest Fatality in-game to date.

The short video shows Sub-Zero enacting the Fatality with Omni-Man at the receiving end of it, showing how too much of anything can be bad. In this case, how too much food and brutality, all rolled into one, can be a single deadly package. That is, as it ends with a head-exploding vomit after getting stuffed with common Thanksgiving grub and a life-ending huge stomp to the stomach.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. seems keen on maintaining the micro-transactions with its themed Fatalities. This comes as the Seasonal Fatalities bundle will start becoming purchasable sometime next week.