Yu Suzuki makes a comeback on PS4, PS5 with the port of Air Twister

Air Twister

Video game industry legend Yu Suzuki, who is known for bringing about OutRun and Shenmue, is making a comeback to the PS4 and PS5 as he releases the console port of Air Twister. The game was formerly an exclusive title to the Apple Arcade.

Essentially a modern reimagining of the SEGA classic Space Harrier, Air Twister is presented with 3D visuals while retaining the same gameplay design of the original. But this time, players are fitted into the shoe of Princess Arch as she fights “fantastical foes” using beam-emitting guns.

Adding a layer of depth to Air Twister’s gameplay is a variety of weapons that Princess Arch could equip. They range from crossbow-looking to canon-looking and small Gatling weaponry. The lady protagonist can also be upgraded for an easier gameplay experience. Additionally, Princess Arch can also be equipped with different aesthetics, as well.

But more than just a port of an Apple Arcade title, Air Twister is making its way to consoles with new content in tow. Particularly, an obligatory Boss Rush mode, mini-games, and math-related activity. These features can be unlocked by collecting stars via daily and weekly events.

Air Twister will be available in digital format on the PlayStation Network on November 10, 2023. But will it also become available physically as well for the PlayStation 5 at a later date.