Tips and Tricks: Get Unlimited Arrows in Skyrim

Yep! That’s right! This nice little tip is a way to secure unlimited ammo for that Archer-Thief build you’ve always wanted to make. There are many ways to easily get arrows like simply making your own or even pickpocketing them off of guards. This in-game grab makes it super simple to never run out, and you don’t have to do any work (or crime) for them except some fast traveling and waiting. So grab your favorite bow and get ready to fill your quivers with an unlimited supply of steel arrows thanks to the creators of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

Archer builds rejoice! There is a way to keep the arrows coming.

First Things First

Before you can actually make this tip worth putting any time into you’ll need to discover a few specific fast travel markers. The first of these markers will be readily accessible by simply following the storyline up until you make it to Dragonsreach in Whiterun. The second one you’ll want to have is the capital city, Solitude. The last one, you’ll need a specific requirement for, but its in Riften. We are going to focus on the first two.

If you’re just starting out, the easiest way to get to both of these markers quickly is to head straight to Whiterun after completing the intro. From here, you have access to the first marker, and access to a horse-drawn wagon that acts as a fast travel option to get to the main Holds around Skyrim. As long as you have some gold you can take that wagon to an area just outside of Solitude, and just like that you have access to unlimited ammo.

These locations are easy to get to making this trick one of the most useful for the entirety of the game.

The Specifics

Basically, in a handful of locations and situations around Skyrim, you can end up getting unlimited Steel Arrows. The easiest way to get these are via some NPCs that shoot arrows into archery practice targets. You can collect the arrows that they shoot, with no negative effect, pretty much forever. They’re just there for the taking. These NPCs keep shooting the same amount of arrows in the exact same targets, at the exact same time, every single day.

It take some time waiting around, but its so worth it in the end.

On average you get about 30 arrows per NPC daily. This equals out to 90 arrows a day if you only use the first two locations. The Great Porch, located on the upper floor of Dragonsreach, and just outside of Castle Duor in Solitude are the specific locations. Being able to fast travel relatively close to each location is the key to making it worth all the time it takes to get the arrows.

The guards at either location will start shooting on a regular schedule. All you have to do is sit back and wait. Using the “Wait” feature does not work, you literally have to just stand there and wait for them to shoot. Collect these arrows every day to grow your stash exponentially and never worry about running our of arrows. Do something like read over the quests you have to complete or watch some TikTok videos to pass the time while waiting on the guards to unload.

Best part about Solitude’s arrow loop is its double the arrows always!

Other Ways To Get Unlimited Arrows

There are a handful of other options in Skyrim to get unlimited ammo, but the aforementioned are by far the easiest ways to stock up. You can also add one more location to the previous two, for a higher total of daily arrows. This location, as mentioned before is in Riften. Specifically in the Ragged Flagon, the home of the Thieves Guild. To get to this third unlimited arrow spot, all you have to do is join up with the Guild. Before doing any jobs or actually having to participate in the Quest lines, you can get to this spot by simply gaining access to the Ragged Flagon Cistern. Once there head just to the right of the vault and one of the Thieves Guild NPCs will be practicing their Archery skills opening up another area to collect ammo.

You should never run out of arrows.

The next two options come much later in the game, but still not so far off that you can’t just rush through the story to get there. First, once you become a Blade by following quests for Delphine, you gain access to a fourth target spot after unlocking Sky Haven Temple. There are a bunch of quest leading up to the point you can utilize this spot, but after you get there Delphine will practice her marksman skills every so often out in the training yard of the temple. This can yet again increase your daily arrow collection giving you access to over 100 arrows a day.

The final option is a situation that occurs in one mainline mission, after joining up with either the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Legion. The siege of Whiterun provide access to a scenario that provides an even faster way to collect steel arrows in mass, but only if you don’t progress the quest past a certain point. While following along with the Battle of Whiterun, you will be instructed to open a gate to gain access to the city. If you never open that gate, and simply keep looting the dead bodies around the battlefield, you can gain a massive amount of steel arrows in a little bit of time.

The bodies disappear quickly so you have to stay on your toes, but as long as you don’t move on with the quest they don’t stop coming. Each body garners about 10-20 arrows on average. This is definitely the biggest way to get a huge amount of ammo. It is also technically the hardest way, seeing as you have to go through a bunch of quest to get to it, and then make sure to survive while collecting your arrows.

Some NPC’s also carry a butt-load of ammo. Either pickpocket ’em or take ’em by force.

Last Words

Make sure to follow the specifics of some of these options closely to make your arrow collecting much easier. If you utilize any or all of the above options then you’re set for a long, long time. Archery in Skyrim isn’t the easiest skill to master, usually due to running out of ammo. Thanks to the creators of Skyrim though, we have a way around that issue. This tip can be useful to not only specific Archery based builds, but also for anyone just looking for a skill to increase so you can level up more.

Did you already know about this unlimited ammo tip? Do you plan to use this method to increase your supply? Do you feel like this method is cheating even though the creators put it in-game? Let us know in the comment section below, and happy gaming!