Tips and Tricks: Keep a Quick-Start File To Skip the Long Intro in Skyrim

Everyone knows the long, dark road of restarting that old copy of Skyrim. It’s one of the most miserable waiting sequences in gaming history. Not because the intro itself is bad. Its more or less unbearable because we’ve sat through it for over a decade plus. For the adventurers who’ve been stuck in Blackreach so long they missed the news, there is a way to save yourself the hassle when starting a new game.

Keep this file forever to permanently skip the intro to Skyrim.

Let me start by mentioning that this tip is for older copies of Skyrim. In the newer copies of Skyrim, like the Anniversary Edition, this save file will happen automatically. For older versions however, you’ll need to make this save file permanent on your own.

Enter ‘Prisoner’

The key to skipping the intro lies in its ending. As you exit the cart bringing you to Helgen for execution, you have a chance to save your game. Before you ever create your character, hit the trusty Options button and save a new file. Since your character does not yet have a name, the file will automatically be called Prisoner.

The classic scene just before you create your character. You’ll want to save while the NPC’s are chatting.

As long as this new file is kept separate and is never overwritten, it will remain there as a means to start a faster new game. To make sure it stays separate from all other files, you need to make a new save file for your character immediately after creating them. Do this every time you start a new character.

Its That Easy

This save file automatically creates itself in the newer versions of the game, as stated above. For older versions though, this method can save you a chunk of time when you want to try out a new character build. It is important to keep this quick-start file untouched or you will lose it and have to go through this entire process again.

Once you have created your unique character, make sure to save it on a separate file before the auto-saves overwrite the ‘Prisoner’ save file.

If you’re like me you probably just want to jump right into building your new unique character idea. Keeping this useful trick in mind will get you into that new run much faster. As long as the file is never deleted it will be there to quick-start your adventures for a long time.

Did you find this tip helpful or should everyone know this by now? Do you feel the need to skip the intro when playing Skyrim? Let us know in the comments below and happy gaming!