Tips and Tricks: Level-Up With Illusions in Skyrim

This trick is a super simple way to not only level-up one of the magic skills, but also level-up your character easily early on. All you have to do is have the spell Courage, and a bunch of NPCs around. You can buy the spell for a handful of gold coins from any Court Wizard around Skyrim. The first and easiest one to reach is Farengar the wizard of Whiterun.

It takes courage to pull this trick off. Like… literally.

On your way to Whiterun, make sure to grab a few items worth enough to have around 200 gold coins. This should be enough to grab yourself a copy of the Courage spell book. Once you buy the book, read it to learn the spell and you are instantly ready to start leveling up.

Use the spell Courage on any and all NPCs around you. At first you may only be able to let off one or two spells, and your magic bar will be drained. Fear not, the Wait feature is here to save the day. Wait for “1 hour” and your magic bar will be refilled automatically. Do this over and over again until you level up once.

At first its useful, but over time this trick loses is usefulness.

After you level-up the firs time you can use a skill point to make the Courage spell cost much less magic. This makes it even easier to level-up fast by blasting twice the amount of spells. Further increase the amount you can use by adding points to your magicka reserve as well. Keep blasting any and every NPC over and over until you’re at a desired level.

Unload all your magicka and wait. Rinse and repeat.

Utilize this method to get a bunch of points in your health, stamina, and magicka, as well as a few points in some skills you want to be better at. Its not cheating since its literally using a simple game function, and its really useful in a pinch. Fair warning though, its really only effective for the beginning of the game, the higher your character and illusion level, the longer it takes to get the benefits.

This is not only a good way to get skill points, its the safest way to level your illusion skill.

Did you know it was this easy to level up your Illusion magic? Know any other cool tricks to help boost this method? Let us know in the comments below and happy gaming!!