Tips and Tricks: The Merchant Chests Of Skyrim

In Skyrim there are some “mystical” chests with high value loot floating just under the surface of the map. Three of these are readily available at the very beginning of the game. All you have to do is make it to Whiterun Stables. Once there you have access to not only free money, but awesome weapons, and even free skill increases. All before you even have to complete the initial quest.

What Are They

Linked directly to the Khajit Caravan merchants, these chests are located conveniently in the areas they go to sell their wares. Dubbed the “Merchant Chests”, for obvious reasons, there are actually more than the three I will be highlighting in this guide. We are going to focus on the following three specifically for ease of access.

The three best locations for these merchant chests are in Dawnstar, Markarth, and Solitude. Another chest is also located in Whiterun, but takes some off-map glitching to get. The three chest we are focusing on take nothing more than some fast-traveling and minor searching to reap the benefits. Fair warning, this may be considered cheating to some players, so user discretion is advised.

These chests are filled with some of the best items in the game, all free for the taking.

How It Works

Once you make it to Whiterun Stables, you can use the horse-drawn wagon to fast-travel to Dawnstar, Markarth, and Solitude. Each location holds one of these free loot chests, and are readily available. Once at either location all you have to do is find the specific area on the map and click “X”. The chests are not hard to find, and once you’ve found it one time, you can’t forget its spot.

All you have to do is collect the items in these merchant chests, sell or store whatever you want, and repeat the process every few days. The chests replenish themselves over time and the loot is basically unlimited. The items including in each chest vary, but overall there is a little bit of everything. Gold, alchemy items, enchanted weapons, potions, soul gems, and much more.

Where They Are

Follow the pictures below to find these three specific locations with ease. You will need access to Solitude, Markarth, and Dawnstar.

Dawnstar Location – directly left of the entrance to Iron-Breaker Mine

Once you fast travel to Dawnstar simply walk straight back to the upper mine.
Once at the mine the chest is located immediately to the left of the entrance amongst the rocks.
Just look around the edge of the mountain and you’ll find it pretty easily.

Solitude Location – just up the hill from Kartla’s Farm

Fast travel to Kartla’s Farm near Solitude, and head up the hill to the main gates.
Just before the gate ahead is where you need to be, it gets sort of tricky though.
You need to be in this location to find the chest. The Khajit caravan will be set up in this spot from time to time.
Head over to the little tree near the rock once you step into this area.
Just before the small tree is a cluster of clovers and if you crouch down, you can find the chest easily. Just look straight at the ground.

Markarth Location – right down the road from Salvius Farm

After fast traveling to Selvius Farm near Markarth all you have to do is head down to the river.
To the left of the sign post there is a wall, behind that wall is a chest.
About mid-way on the wall you can find the chest by crouching and looking around.
This chest is pretty simple to find and can be grabbed even if the caravan is there.

Its that simple. Follow these few steps, find the right locations, and fill your pockets with gold. This trick is best used to get rich, and keep certain skills leveled.


Feel free to look into the other hidden chest around Skyrim. Like I stated above these are just the easiest to get to. Utilize this method at your own will, and reap the amazing rewards. Thanks to the creators of Skyrim, we have a way to basically become gods with little effort. What more could you want?

Do you think this trick is cheating? Or did Bethesda put it there for us to indulge our greed? Is this your first time hearing about these chests? Let us know in the comments below and happy gaming!