How to build the Camera and unlock Photo Mode in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock camera

In this day and age where every good thing visually can be gotten at the click of a button, the camera has become an indispensable tool that many have a penchant for leveraging. The same is seemingly true with My Time at Sandrock, thanks to the game’s Photo Mode functionality. But there’s a catch—it is not accessible to you right off the bat.

To get yourself the camera and subsequently gain access to the Photo Mode, you will have to do a lot of digging (literally) and a lot of picking of parts. As some of these parts are found in ruins, it is therefore mandatory to first have access to them. This means that you must first complete the “Picking Up the Slack” quest.

Finding camera parts in Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins

Coming across the essential components of a camera is not an easy feat. The difficulty lies primarily on the fact that their placement tends to be randomized. For a mine that is said to have 11 floors in total, that meant having to extensively search every nook and cranny of each floor if you prefer going at it blindly. But you do not have to as you possess a Scanner that will give you a visual outlook of the floor’s hidden secrets, thereby making the task less of a hassle for you.

When using the Scanner, which is done by pressing the corresponding control, look out for the following details:

  • Yellow crystals: These symbolize the locations of relics or materials.
  • Green squares: These are pointers to passageways that lead to adjacent rooms, hallways, or even the next floor.

Things to consider

Exploring the depths of the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins can be overwhelming. But here are the things you should know to ease you up for the adventure:

  • There are no enemies in this dungeon, only exploding barrels.
  • Make doing a manual save a habit, especially upon reaching deeper levels. Then, reload if you find yourself unlucky with the camera pieces.
  • Realistically, you might not get all the camera pieces in a single try due to your in-game character’s limited stamina.
  • Upgrading your Scanner, specifically the Analysis Chip: Level 1 – Hyper-focusing Lens, could make your loot-hunting easier for you with its unique perk. Particularly, the ability to scan items that are spread across the floor.

Building the camera

Once you have gotten all the right pieces, make sure you have completed the Relic Restoration Machine quest. It is automatically triggered as soon as you pick up a relic. From there, make your way to the Museum in the northern part of the town. With 10 Data Discs in hand, choose to restore the camera.

Once restored, simply add the camera from your inventory to the hotkey to use it at a press of a button. Doing it once will permanently unlock the Photo Mode.