How to Mine in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock mine

A good portion of your stay in My Time at Sandrock will be spent finding valuable resources. And a better part of that experience still is looking for higher-value assets that require mining. While this may be as simple as carrying a pickhammer and swinging your way against nature to get them, this feature is not immediately accessible as soon as you step foot in Sandrock. At least, not when talking about the ruins that lie in wait across the region.

Even so, the path to mining in this game is akin to a perilous adventure in pursuit of gold. Valuable resources do not only come far and, sometimes, in between. In many cases, places that contain precious assets are often littered with enemies who are more than eager to eliminate your presence as an intruder. You are, therefore, forewarned.

Accessing the first mine

You will know you have gotten your ticket to mining the ruins as soon as you have finished creating cranes for the scrapyard. With the cranes in place, a path will open where you can descend to the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins. This officially kickstarts your journey to the ruins for mining.

Do note, however, that these mines in general go very deep. And the deeper you go, the more valuable resources that you could mine. Coincidentally, it also meant that the stakes are higher the deeper you are in a mine.

General tip

You ought to take everything slowly as they build on their in-game character. Things will eventually get easier if you come off as prepared and fully equipped with the skills and equipment to face higher degrees of danger.

Yet, there is no point in rushing to deeper levels early in the adventure to a mine as certain resources will not become accessible without the right gear. For instance, while you can easily gather tins on higher levels, getting resources from bronze with larger veins demands an upgraded version of the pickhammer.

But, of course, a large part of your survival in the mines depends on the mastery of the tools, such as the scanner and the jetpack, and having situational awareness when something is afoot.

The scanner, for example, is especially useful in finding hidden doors and buried loot. Meanwhile, the jetpack is an especially handy tool for any vertical explorations, including escaping a depth as a result of too much digging underneath. Leverage any of these tools whenever the situation calls for it while having a keen awareness of the strength of the opponents in the area.

Escape is an option

If you ever find yourself in a tight situation after pushing your exploration too far, know that escaping can sometimes be the best option. To do so, simply open the map screen and press the corresponding button to leave the ruins. This nifty feature will immediately warp you out of any ruins, no matter how deep you are in it.