How to Romance NPC(s) in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrok romance

There are plenty of characters in My Time at Sandrock to interact with. Experienced players of the simulation genre, akin to Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, meanwhile, know the drill—the bonds that could potentially develop with some of these NPCs can go deeper than mere friendship.

Following that tradition, My Time at Sandrock features a social aspect where players can meet, interact, and build relationships with NPCs. Likewise, they also know that going on that route is no simple task, as the process can be repetitive and arduous, albeit rewarding.

Raising relationship levels

There are plenty of ways that the player can increase their relationship levels with NPCs. And much like in real life, it is all about doing the right thing toward a particular NPC and doing so with consistency. This is especially true if the player is looking to romance a love interest NPC.

Here are the ways to do it:

  • Interacting with the NPC regularly.
  • Giving gifts. But be wary of what you are giving as not all gifts appeal to every NPC. Some do the complete opposite.
  • Spar like a real sportsman with an NPC and win.
  • Play the Critters mini-game with an NPC. You get +5 points for each winning round; +3 points for a draw; and +1 points for a loss.
  • Complete certain quests, as some provide a boost in a relationship as a bonus reward.
  • Enhance your Knowledge perks with a focus on Hangout Knowledge, Social Activity Knowledge, and Social Butterfly Knowledge.

Starting a romance

The player would know that his efforts towards an NPC (or NPCs) had paid off when the relationship points reached at least 150. This means that the NPC (or NPCs) can be engaged in a romantic relationship. To do so, however, requires a Heart Knot item. Fortunately, it can be easily acquired by simply buying it off from the By the Stairs shop for around 145 gol (in-game currency).

Do note that even with 150 relationship points, there is still a chance that an NPC will reject your proposal for a romantic bond. But once the NPC accepted, the player is now on his way to a more serious relationship, and ultimately, marriage. But getting to the marriage part is a journey itself, which sees the player bringing the relationship from Boyfriend/Girlfriend to Sweetheart, to Lover, and finally, to Soulmate.

Romancing multiple NPCs

Yes, it is entirely possible to be a playboy or playgirl in My Time at Sandrock. This is essentially putting up the exact arduous method but on multiple NPCs. The caveat, however, is that the people of Sandrock are monogamous. This means that you should never get caught having relationships with multiple NPCs.

But should you be, which could result in losing relationship points on the parties involved or even a breakup, there’s a workaround. Though not guaranteed to work, the player can give the affected NPC an Apology Bear. It can be bought from the Game Center for 188 tokens.