How to expand stamina in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock stamina

Playing My Time at Sandrock allows for plenty of freedom that enables the player to do anything. But each significant choice of action can dampen the player’s stamina, substantially limiting the degree of activities that could be done in a day in in-game time. Players would therefore want to keep their stamina as high as possible so that they would be able to do more. This guide will tell you how to increase the main character’s stamina through different means.

Get rested

As the players commit to activities on a particular in-game day, their stamina gets depleted. One most effective methods of recovering lost stamina is by giving the MC its needed rest. This means choosing to sleep just before the clock hits midnight. Sleeping at any point beyond midnight but earlier than 3 AM would render the MC with less stamina. Consequently, not sleeping beyond 3 AM would push the MC to collapse.

Do more for more stamina

Performing specific tasks allows the MC to gather points that boost the level of Knowledge on the type of those acts. For stamina, in particular, players will want to keep on gathering to augment their levels in the following—stamina knowledge and stamina recovery knowledge.

At max level, stamina knowledge not only grants the player a total of 10% increase to their stamina. But, also, allows them to get a well-rested status even when sleeping past midnight.

A max stamina recovery knowledge, meanwhile, gives the player an additional 10% stamina recovery when either ordering or eating food.

Eat food

The game offers plenty of food that MC can eat to gain stamina. When the situation calls for it, eating as many and as diversely is key to keeping MC energized to perform work.

Wear the right clothing

My Time at Sandrock allows for customization that renders the playing with status enhancements, aside from looking different. While not always necessarily the best, some of those equipments have the power to increase the player’s stamina simply by wearing them.

Consume heatstroke medicine

Stamina plays a major role when the player chooses to explore underground areas to mine for resources. Fortunately, consuming heatstroke medicine helps the player endure the rather physically exhausting ordeal.

Befriend NPCs

Befriending NPCs has certain perks in-game. And one of those is the ability to gain a status boost, like stamina. For this reason, the player will want to make friends with the following NPC for their respective stamina boosts:

  • Mi-An (friend): +20 stamina.
  • Macchiato (friend): +20 stamina.
  • Jensen (friend): +20 stamina.
  • Nemo (friend): +20 stamina.
  • Captain (friend): +20 stamina.
  • Venti (best friend): +20 stamina.
  • CoCo (friend): +20 stamina.
  • Sandy (best friend): +5 stamina.