My Time at Sandrock beginner tips

My Time at Sandrock beginner tips

Pathea has finally rolled out another title that follows the same footsteps as its other similar title, My Time at Portia. This time, players are thrust into the shoes of their main character in a place called Sandrock.

Players who have played My Time at Portia will find many things about My Time at Sandrock to be familiar from the surface. But if not, do not fret. Here is a guide that will provide tips on how to make a great start at Sandrock.

Sleep before midnight

Much of the player’s day-to-day activities in Sandrock involve doing stamina-depleting work. And much like in real life, one way to compensate for the physically exhausting ordeal is to rest. Sandrock has a system in place that lets players recover depleted stamina and lost health simply by choosing to sleep at the right time. By default, this would be any time before midnight in an in-game clock.

Opting to sleep before the dead of night grants the player a well-rested status on the next day. However, sleeping past the middle of the night but earlier than 3 AM would only provide the player with a less-than-ideal rest state. Going beyond 3 AM without sleeping, meanwhile, would force the player to collapse.

Be social

Part of the fun that makes playing My Time at Sandrock worth it is meeting the NPCs, with the option to advance the relationship. While doing the latter will take plenty of time and the right efforts to fulfill, players would want to meet the NPCs as soon as possible. Partly, choosing to interact with the NPCs rewards the player with a commemorative gift from the start. But more importantly, doing so also opens the chance to grow relationships for better perks down the line.

Expand the inventory space

There is an endless amount of resources that lie in wait across Sandrock. But with a limited backpack to hold too many things, players would serve their best interest to expand on their backpack’s inventory space as soon as possible. In addition to increasing backpack slots, players can also choose to build storage boxes (mini storage, large storage, and wooden boxes) to stash their items in.

Manage your equipment

Having a good working workshop demands that your machines are well-oiled. In-game, this implies ensuring that your machines are running with ample materials, such as water and fuel, and get needed dusting. Fortunately, there is no way for the player to run out of these resources as they can be easily acquired throughout the game and dusting is easily done by just having a feather duster.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

While this notion may apply to many things in Sandrock, this more so applies to getting commissions. It can be tempting to gather as many commissions as you can. But be wary that some commissions are harder to accomplish than others, and at times, impossible without the right progression. The key, therefore, is to only claim commissions that can be finished. Otherwise, players will just find themselves stuck with a commission they could not complete, eventually penalizing them when the contract expires.