How to increase the storage space in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock storage space

With many items to encounter, loot to pick up, and natural resources to forage, the world of My Time at Sandrock is a resource of infinite assets. The only problem is that the player’s inventory space is not. This limited capacity inevitably poses a limit to the amount of stuff that the player could carry throughout their journey. Luckily, there are a few ways to increase the storage space.

Purchase additional backpack slots

Having 29 slots with your backpack may seem like a lot to start with. But considering the many items that are scattered around the game, players would soon learn by experience that it is not. Fortunately, this space can be increased one by one at only 10 gol (the in-game currency) each. At only 110 gol, the player can maximize a tab with a total of 40 slots.

Down the road, players would want to keep on expanding the storage by clicking on the plus (+) icon. Specifically, this allows the player to procure an additional tab, which could contain yet another space of up to 40 slots. Do note, however, that the price for each upgrade significantly increases with any major upgrade (new tab and slots).

Build Wooden Storage and Mini Storage Box

Apart from the backpack, players have other alternatives to store their stuff with. In particular, there is the Wooden Storage and Mini Storage Box. The latter is already made available via a blueprint by default and only requires 10 pieces of wood. In exchange, the Mini Storage Box allows the player to store 15 unique items.

Meanwhile, for 20 slots, the Wooden Storage can be built after purchasing the blueprint from the Commerce Guild Store. Building it requires four pieces of copper in addition to 10 pieces of wood.

Buy a Large Storage Box

As the name implies, the Large Storage Box is a repository for a greater number of diverse items. While this will take no less than 1,086 gol to acquire, players can do so by coming across the Mysterious Man. This enigmatic peddler can only be met during the 20th and 21st day of any season and is notable for the merch that he carries on his back.