How to build the Crane Lift in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Crane Lift

Playing through My Time at Sandrock, you have probably already come across the “Picking Up the Slack” quest. It is automatically unlocked after you finish the “First Day in the Job” quest. “Picking Up the Slack” is largely about building a particular machine and one that will open more quests in the game.

However, this quest, while simple at the outset, is far from being easy, especially if you are looking to build something that requires plenty of resources. In this guide, we will help you find all the necessary materials to build the Crane Lift, finish the quest, and enable you to advance through the game.

The Needed Materials

To build the Crane Lift, head to the Assembly Station and choose to Crane Lift blueprint where you will be tasked to gather the following materials:

  • x8 Bricks
  • x6 Thick rope
  • x5 Wooden stick
  • x4 Bearing
  • x5 Copper stick

With those materials in mind, it’s time to head out to the field and find the respective materials one piece at a time.

Getting the Bricks

Bricks in My Time at Sandrock are made from Stones. This means that the main ingredient to making them are the same stones that you get when you hit small rocks with a pickhammer. And there are two ways you could produce Bricks out of Stones:

  • Recycler: You get the Recycler blueprint as soon as you complete “The New Builder” quest. Build the Recycler and throw in Stone Scraps into it, and there is a random chance that you get a Brick.
  • Furnace: Completing “The New Builder” quest coincidentally grants you the Furnace blueprint. Unlike the Recycler, the Furnace guarantees you a Brick for every four pieces of Stone. Going with this method will require 32 pieces of Stone to fulfill.

Getting the Thick Rope

In order to produce a Thick Rope, you will need at least four pieces of Plant Fiber. Fortunately, with a Stone Axe in hand, this task is as simple as cutting down bushes in the general area of the town. Overall, you will need 24 pieces of Plant Fiber to get four pieces of Thick Rope.

Getting the Wooden Stick

There are plenty of Wooden Scraps scattered across Sandrock, waiting to be picked up. But while cutting down trees might also pose as a good alternative, chopping down trees, unfortunately, could get you fined in-game. Yet, if you find yourself willing to spend some gol (in-game currency), you could also buy Wood from the Water World shop. Either way, you need at least 15 pieces of wood in order to get five pieces of Wooden Stick.

Getting the Bearings

Bearings can be a little difficult to produce as it largely depends on your luck with the Recycler. This is also not to mention that the Mechanical Scraps needed to randomly generate a Bearing are kind of sparse, too. Fortunately, they respawn daily. To get Mechanical Scraps, simply head to the small yard behind the Eufaula Salvage, southeast of your Workshop.

Getting the Copper Sticks

The process of getting Copper Sticks is similar to getting Bearings. Only this time, you are aiming for Copper Scraps instead of Mechanical Scraps. Also, getting Copper Sticks is quite difficult as the chance of actually getting it is random via the Recycler.

With all the right materials in your backpack, you are already set to build the Crane Lift and subsequently finish the “Picking Up the Slack” quest in My Time at Sandrock.